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9 April
Arkansas, United States
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(Short Bio, 25 year-old blond girl who cant spell to save her life, so she makes Icons instead)

Welcome to my little Icon Journal. In case you ever woder, Cozette is french for Little pet. When I started this my "Little pet" was Asahi hence, Cozette_asahi. I am also known as beasts_unicorns so If you talk to her that was me! But that is my personal journal full of quizzes and other blah, blah stuff.

So I hope you enjoy your look around, and remeber to credit! or giant seamonkeys will beat you up!
Also no hotlinking! it is bad and everytime someone hotlinks a fairy dies... how sad it that!

My first and only color bar!! side note: These things are a pain in the buttocks

myljstuff. untill I learn how to make one...

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